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myKlovr is a goal-setting platform providing personalized recommendations tailored for you.
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how we do it
We help identify short term goals while setting students, parents, and employees up for long term success.
By breaking down your goals into milestones and steps, we help you get on the right path and stay on track.
Our data-driven insight brings you guidance and personalized recommendations to help you succeed.
We use artificial intelligence data to intuitively break down goals into achievable segments. Complete milestones to unlock achievement points, and trade those points in for exciting prizes.
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Parents, teachers, and employers can track and verify progress, while offering rewards for following through on the achievement of goals.
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find your way toward your future.
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myKlovr helps you identify your best plan and stay focused on achieving any of your goals. myKlōvr modeling allows you to test different potential outcomes to help you predict which one will benefit you the most.
why we do it
We want you to unlock your full
Academic, Personal, and Professional potential, allowing you a clear path to pursue everything you want to become.
Return on Identitytm
Every student is unique. Every student's learning needs are very different. This is why our personalized recommendation engine is based upon the individual's capability, strengths, and selected goals.
More than anything, we want to challenge the complexities, inequalities, and high costs associated with achieving educational and career goals, by leveling the playing field for every user.
We believe that collaboration between parents, students, teachers, schools, and businesses is essential, so we're creating a online, community platform to enhance, strengthen, and develop these relationships earlier and more effectively.
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